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Inane Utterances

Ramblings, rants, and a ton of random crap

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Crystallized pineapple luuurve ♥
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United States soldier support links:


For my Lumos and Witching Hour peeps, check out muddy_quidditch!

Oooooooh, internets! Shiiiiiiny :)

Random entry-writing, cosplaying, Connector-type, eclectic reading, music whoring, drunken stumbling, attention span challenged, wannabe guitar goddess, nicotine-free Slappy - that's me!

The durkey is mah bebbeh.

Here be colorbars that I've made.

Some things that are pretty sweet!


(Thanks to sugarsammy2003 for the banner!)

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

{ wear }

playing quidditch is love
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horace slughorn is love
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potions masters are love
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Marriage is love.

Equality Is Love.
Discrimination is Unconstitutional.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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About my Journal:
- Friending! No prob. Introduce yourself and we'll start from there.
- My icons: Credit has been given to the appropriate people for the respective icon. Icons without credit are made by ME. Please ask before nabbing any - I bite. Haaaaard.
- Know-it-all types and dumbasses, MOVE ON! This isn't a good place for any of that.
- Picspam aplenty! Whatever works, I post tons of man-spam, cats, fandom stuff, etc.
- I may be classified in the 'adult' category, and emotionally I pass. I'm a dork and I know it. I wear costumes for more than just Halloween, and I do this in public. With other people in costume. And we think we're the coolest shit EVER.
- Crossdressing will always be awesome in my book.

Claims and prizes!

- ACCEPTED IN _are_you_a_dork!!! And damn proud, bingo.
- I'm queen of the snaps!
- Bestowed the rank of Bitchcow from Heaven, by frances_jane.
- David Boreanaz and Jason Isaacs - claimed in bitch_all.
- Jason Isaacs' tongue in claim_a_tongue and his sex in claim_a_1niter.
- Tom Riddle got owned in claim_a_1niter.

Random stuff about me:
- I'm a damn good cook. I happily update my food pr0n gallery often...at least when my camera's working.
- I'm a girl. Woman. Femme. Whatever ya call it, as long as it ain't sir.
- I'm a existentialist; fair to say I'm a little bit of everything.
- I'm a Nazgrrrrl!
- Geeky fandoms overwhelm my Internet life
- I suck at remembering birthdays.
- I'm an ENFP.

One of my faaaavorite quotes:

"No matter who you are or how fucked up you think you is, somebody love yo' ass." - Adele Givens

"monosyllabic" being polysyllabic, 24, absolutely fabulous, anya's bunnies solo, ass slapping, avery johnson, aviation, balrogs, bananas, beautifully descriptive writing, beer, being awesome, bj's don't count!, blue eyes, brian viglione, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cedric diggory, chocolate cream pie, christianity, classic rock, classical music, comedy central, concerts, cooking, costuming, danger knitting!, david boreanaz, daydreaming, daytona beach, dementors, democracy, dominating, dominic purcell, durkey the fearless!, enlarged love tools, escapism, existentialism, feathers, flogging molly, food network, franz ferdinand, geeky fandoms, glow in the dark, great writing, green eyes, guinness, harry potter, hazel eyes, heroes, horace slughorn, horcruxes, idealism, inferi, interpol, introspection, iron chef, irony, jason isaacs, jesus christ, karaoke, keane, kurt vonnegut, led zepplin, lewis black, light brown eyes, lightning, live music, lord of the rings, lost, luminara unduli, mah sizzle fo realz, malcom gladwell, malibu rum, marshmallows, meditation, meeting new people, metaphysics, missy elliott, music, my friends, nanowrimo, new york, ninjas, nip/tuck, no doubt, nonconformity, paul oakenfold, penguins, people!!!!!!!!!!!!, playing quidditch, poking, potions masters, prison break, pyramids, queer as folk, quidditch, qwantz, radiohead, ravenclaw, remus lupin, roller coasters, ron "tater salad" white, salvador dali, sawyer's fish biscuit breath, scars, shiny things, sirius black, six flags, soda tab chainmaille, space girl, space travel, spanking, stand-up comedy, star wars, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, swords, tai chi, taking over the world, tattoos, taye diggs, the 80's, the bj penalty box, the celestine prophecy, the discovery channel, the far side, the killers, the matrix, the princess bride, the rolling stones, throwing things, thunderstorms, tom riddle, tv on the radio, useless information, viola, violin, writing, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs, zackary hunter

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