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Super quick post

Hey all, quick question/request!

For those of you coming to Orlando in July (for Infinitus, etc), what's your travel schedule like?

I'm trying to plan for time off of work, and since I live an hour from Orlando, it'd be good to know who is coming when so I can plan accordingly in case people plan on visiting Daytona Beach whilst down in Florida :)

Also, for anyone who doesn't know - I will be at the convention, but will not be formerly attending. That means no Quidditch, no Opening Feast, Closing Feast, etc. I'll just be around the area for evening hanging out and day activities - Universal Park, etc. I'm going to get a season pass for Universal, wooo yay Florida residency discounts!

* * * * * * * *

In other news, I'm trudging along in classes again this semester. I'm taking Italian II and getting by, and Food Sanitation and Safety so I can get my ServSafe certification and be a licensed food manager. Also looking into building up on the business idea I've been throwing around for the past couple years, and now have the resources to get that moving.

Eventually I want to start a video blog series and get all kinds of cool creative stuff on a website, so that means I've got to get at least a month's worth of content before launching.

Right now I've got work and school 7 days a week, so I'm super looking forward to Spring Break. Before that, Bike Week is coming to town again, so I'm working on a shit-ton of chainmail jewelry to sell. Hoping those proceeds will be enough for set-up costs for the company.

My friend Mikey in Dallas put it well: "You are a go hard or go home girl." My mind functions on 2 levels: work my ass off, and do abso-fucking-lutely nothing and get my mind straightened out again.

Haven't been surfing since before Christmas, thanks to getting sick over the break and daylight savings time. I've got a wetsuit, which works when the water is around 55 and above. When it's colder, I can't stand having cold feet :P It's also really hard to get a good, solid pop-up with the suit on (since it's new and tight and I could really go for getting back in shape), so when I get it on, I'll take the boogie board and get the suit stretched a bit more each go.

So, things are going really well. Life stuff is coming together, and I feel like January 2010 was the time to get things lined up. Now it's all about putting ideas into motion.

* * * * * * *

Finally (and pretty randomly), does anyone else notice that when music is playing, all the love songs come on when we LEAST want to hear them?!?!?!

AND I'm still not drinking! Last drink I had was on New Year's Eve 2008 (before it became '09) and I don't miss it much. Every so often, maybe once every 6 months, I'll feel like having a beer and then it goes away. We'll see where this goes, but so far, I think it's all for the best, for me.
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