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Yay good work!

Weekends are a great opportunity to slack off and wear whatever I want to, and since I'm using up all my good clothes during the week for work, I love wearing goodies when I can :) Today's a good day to wear my Dumbledore t-shirt :)

I'm at the library and goofing around on the computer, woo! I'm still waiting for access at work, which I'll get Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, I've enjoyed shadowing my co-workers and learning as much as I can about my job and the different functions I'll be doing. I've literally had to learn 3 different roles, since I'll be interchangeable and gotta be cross trained. My official training starts on Thursday, but I want to be as prepared as humanly possible.

I've been working long days, which means by the time I get home, I'm not feeling particularly inclined to study. But, I get some in here and there and every little bit helps.

So far things are going well, and I'm VERY fortunate and blessed to be in a positive work environment and work with good people. Everyone's been helpful, friendly and informative and I look forward to getting *REALLY* good at the job and doing whatever and everything I can to assist our students in succeeding.

It's a wonderful opportunity and I've been given a chance to network and get to know a load of people on campus. I've been studying a list of everyone I've met along with my work-related study notes, and luckily it's sinking in. Remembering people has a HUGE impact - people love when you remember their names and something about them!

And the good word tends to make it's way to the boss's ears :)

Every now and then I catch myself having to hold back happy tears, because when I think of how TRULY amazing this all happened, it overwhelms me. To think of the change in consciousness that has happened in the past month, to think of what I was ready to do and how I was bracing myself... I'm SOOOO thankful that I don't have to worry about that.

My boss and I met with two of our provosts (from 2 of our campuses) and were talking about budget cuts and stuff, and my boss turned around and said to me that I don't have to worry, that my job is an essential position and though there's a hiring freeze, my spot NEEDED to get filled. Later that night after the open house, she pulled me aside and thanked me for the initiatives I've been taking and gave me good feedback so far about my job performance. She'd like me to be a bit more direct with our prospective students (ie: Instead of saying "please fill this out", tell them, "The next step is to fill this out"). It'll be a great chance to work on my assertiveness which, to be honest, has taken a hit over the past few months so I'm glad I've got the chance to strengthen these skills.

Luckily I was able to get in two workouts this week, which beats last week's efforts. I decided to let go this week and forgive myself for bad nutritional decisions and just splurge. It's not the greatest decision, but I remember that the week before I quit smoking and quit gaining weight, I just had it out and became successful.

Things were icky after I quit marathon training and even ickier after I started at Taco Bell, and I'm reminded that often in life, we go through cycles and sometimes progress by taking two steps forward and one step back. It's also reminded me that though I developed good habits, there's still something inside of me that needs to continually be kept in check. The girl can lose the weight, but she's still the same person fundamentally and she's still got the same thoughts and tendencies. The difference is how she deals with them and the different coping mechanisms she employs.

It's been a challenging year for all of us, and I'm no exception. I recognize that I did the best I could, and thank God I've got my friends who carried me through it. Never in my life had I felt so helpless, and now that I'm up and functioning again (and with some better habits, and some that need strengthening), I've got a fantastic opportunity to get this fresh start progressing. There's still a LOT I want to do, but right now focusing on kicking ass at my new job and eating normally would make me *very* happy.

I Am SOOOO happy and grateful that I'm living here and that this job found it's way to me. It's just bizarre when I think about how it came to me - that I *randomly* filled out the job application online at the library one day, how I felt I BOMBED the first interview (and, that same day, went into McDonald's - who were too busy to interview me! - and Taco Bell looking for work - NO LIE.), kept praying for a good job to come my way, how I got the follow-up call and second interview, how they started me WAY early and how the offer came my way PLUS how quickly they took me on... mind-boggling.

So I must be doing something right! :P

voldiebeth - I got your message about The Crystal Ball and gave it some serious thought. Since I won't be running the marathon that weekend - and also since I'm on vacation from work, YAY!!!!! - I thought I might come up there.

However, I want to see hak42, praetorianguard, and all you rock stars running the Disney Marathon - especially since I gave my word that I'll be there :P

I can't wait to see you all and cheer you on as you run your asses off! Hope to join you in a race soon :)

...speaking of which, anyone know how I can cancel my registration?

Also - lord__voldemort! Are ya gonna swing by and visit us that weekend?

Okie doke, gotta log off the computer and head out! It's Biketoberfest here, so there's a lot going on in town - certainly makes things interesting :)

Hugs to you guys ♥
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