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October 5th, 2009

few quick things...

In a few hours, I'll be officially another day, another year, another decade older.

People talk about how we receive these profound insights over our lives, most specifically that we are more receptive to them in our 30's.

I've done enough catching up over the past couple months to make up for the hullabaloo that is our 20's, and I look forward to the next 30 (or more) years.

The past week has been particularly trying, but once again I realize that the foundation for all blessings is realizing what we *already* have, and that I already AM everything I want to be.

A few things came to mind.

1) I had a sex filter going for like, a minute. And now there's no need for it, so it and the specified entries are gone. I kept it for a little bit because I thought I'd need a place to put it and where I wouldn't forget, but I realize that I *don't* forget and don't need to broadcast it.

2) Musicals really, REALLY cheer me up :P I'm watching Mama Mia!

3) I can surf! I mean, I'm giving it my best shot and I'm actually doing it! YAY!

4) Joy and tragedy are two causes for reunion, and I love my friends in good times and in bad. I love with all my heart because it's just what I do. There's nothing wrong with it, and I know it can be much. But, it's me. I've never done anything half-assed, and there's no "wasting" something I've got a clear abundance of.

So, I'm going to spend the night hanging out and just enjoying my own company. I had intentions to go do more on the last day of my 20's, but if I'm supposed to be all "comfy with myself", what better way to celebrate than by watching Mama Mia! with the sing-along on and chomping on a Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty?

Okay 30's - here I come!



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